Give Yourself Grace

How many of you feel like you are a blessed mess right now? I’m blessed to be alive, have my family with me during quarantine and the opportunity work from home during this pandemic. However, it’s like no matter how happy I am the enemy attem[...]

Living Through Desolation

  First quarter is supposed to be an exciting time of the year! I was extremely pumped and ready to take on new challenges and receive new blessings. However, January 2020 has been filled with more than enough depression triggering events.[...]

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day is an international day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma. Thus, In honor of World Mental Health Day (today October 10th) I thought I’d share a few quick techniques that hel[...]

I Will Always Overcome

Truth of, Tauneisha Williams My name is Tauneisha Lashe' Williams. I'm here to share my story. A very long time ago I was taken from my mother due to her drug habit. I was raised by a God fearing Pastor Ms. Pamela Latimer. I'm not going to mak[...]


Truth of, Raquel White “Be wise as serpents, but innocent as doves.” My truth about co-parenting... I took my focus off of how to “fix” the other party and placing blame became a thing of the past. I transferred that energy in[...]

The Issue of Identity

Truth of, Mukoma Simpanya I sat in my apartment deliberating on what truth I wanted to share and after about 2 hours it hit me the truth that is still a constant struggle for me even today and one many immigrants share. The truth I sit i[...]

Living your TRUTH

When was the last time you reconnected with yourself? Are you currently living life as your true self? Or are you living life how the people around you want you to live it? I get it; hiding behind the artificial shadow of yourself is an easy task[...]

I will Not Let You Suffer

Do you compare yourself to others? Maybe those old friends from high school or college? Have ever thought to yourself that you should be living the same best life as the successful people you come in contact with? If you answered yes to any of th[...]