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Heal to Live

Have you ever had to heal to live? Well, I had to after the unexpected loss of my father. I know you are supposed to outlive your parents however, losing one of them unexpectedly is difficult to navigate. I still reflect on the day that it happened. My mother called me from my dad’s phone, I didn’t think anything of it because I thought it was him calling. I was so busy with work that day that I forgot I told him I was going to call him later that night. Well, later that night came and went, and I ha[...]

Mental Health Awareness Month

What’s up truth community! Happy first Monday of May! If you are not aware, May is Mental Health awareness month. Every year, the goal for various organizations is to fight the stigma, provide support and educate / advocate for people with mental illness as well as their families. With that being said, my goal is to contribute to all of the above. I am not a doctor, nor do I ever portray myself to be. However, you do not have to be a doctor, have a mental illness or know someone with a mental illness to be[...]

Give Yourself Grace

How many of you feel like you are a blessed mess right now? I’m blessed to be alive, have my family with me during quarantine and the opportunity work from home during this pandemic. However, it’s like no matter how happy I am the enemy attempts to make it a point to remind me that I’ve failed in an effort to take my joy, creativity, peace etc. We as humans are far too critical of ourselves. It’s like we have a recording in our mind that replays everything we did wrong. We also have insecurities that[...]

Change your Focus

In previous readings I’ve shared that I put all into my friendships / relationships. However, what I’ve come to realize is that I neglect my own responsibilities when I am focused on what someone else is doing. I guess I never realized how hard minding my own business could be. I am naturally inquisitive thus; I ask a lot of questions to those in my live. I am also very open in the relationships I share. However, I have come to understand that my openness is not a direct invite for others to do the same.[...]

To You

This blog is for you – The you that has had a bad day. The you that seem to be surrounded by constant disappointment. The you that blames yourself for everything that goes wrong. The you that allow others to mistreat and misuse you. The you that struggles with depression and anxiety. The you that has lost faith. The you that needs a friend but has no one to lean on. This is to you……. I pray you find yourself. I pray you figure out your mind and learn what your heart wants. I pray you learn how to be k[...]

Living Through Desolation

  First quarter is supposed to be an exciting time of the year! I was extremely pumped and ready to take on new challenges and receive new blessings. However, January 2020 has been filled with more than enough depression triggering events. Our world is on fire, the corona virus is killing a mass number of humans daily, my favorite sportsman and 8 others died triadically in an accident and our government sent thousands of troops on deployment; amongst a lot of other things! My spirit has been filled with[...]


Happy New Year Truth Squad!! I hope you all are ready to have an amazing 2020. You know I had to check in to ask if you have completed your end of  year “self-reflection self-appraisal”? If you have not, I encourage you to complete it before the end of this month. The importance of completing it as soon as possible is so that you can begin to change your behaviors before too much time passes. You do not want to look up and be in the same position you were in last year. We will not bring bad habits, negat[...]

Ghosting – For Self Preservation

At times, I think I am the worst friend in the world. Not because I treat my friends bad or mean, but because when I get overwhelmed with life I ghost them. I ignore phone calls, text messages and social media posts; basically, any form of communication. I ghost people because that is my coping mechanism. I hide because when life gets crazy, I need a place where I can lay out all my “stuff” out in private. Attention is said to be the currency of relationships. Which is true given the fact that I cause ri[...]

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day is an international day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma. Thus, In honor of World Mental Health Day (today October 10th) I thought I’d share a few quick techniques that help reduce my causes of stress. Do It Yourself Projects Believe it or not, do It yourself (DIY) projects can help reduce stress. In my case, these projects provide a sense of accomplishment and a creative outlet when I need to let off steam. My favorite do it yourself[...]

Find Your Way Back

Has your life ever given you the feeling of being off-tract? What about being mentally, emotionally, spiritually lost? I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve gotten lost in the sauce once or twice. My belief is when we experience and or witness life changing events, rather directly or indirectly, they can leave us in a state of confusion. Being confused makes us feel powerless because we feel stuck; in a routine, everyday commitments, friendships, busy-ness of life etc. I often times find myself engulfed in[...]