Self Reflection

Heal to Live

Have you ever had to heal to live? Well, I had to after the unexpected loss of my father. I know you are supposed to outlive your parents however, losing one of them unexpectedly is difficult to navigate. I still reflect on the day that it happened. My mother called me from my dad’s phone, I didn’t think anything of it because I thought it was him calling. I was so busy with work that day that I forgot I told him I was going to call him later that night. Well, later that night came and went, and I ha[...]

To You

This blog is for you – The you that has had a bad day. The you that seem to be surrounded by constant disappointment. The you that blames yourself for everything that goes wrong. The you that allow others to mistreat and misuse you. The you that struggles with depression and anxiety. The you that has lost faith. The you that needs a friend but has no one to lean on. This is to you……. I pray you find yourself. I pray you figure out your mind and learn what your heart wants. I pray you learn how to be k[...]

Ghosting – For Self Preservation

At times, I think I am the worst friend in the world. Not because I treat my friends bad or mean, but because when I get overwhelmed with life I ghost them. I ignore phone calls, text messages and social media posts; basically, any form of communication. I ghost people because that is my coping mechanism. I hide because when life gets crazy, I need a place where I can lay out all my “stuff” out in private. Attention is said to be the currency of relationships. Which is true given the fact that I cause ri[...]

The Incredible Value of Self-Reflection

Unpopular Opinion: The reason you are continuing to struggle and put yourself in the same situation over and over and over again………… is due to the lack of self-reflection. Those who struggle to obtain different outcomes when faced with the same or a similar situation, in my opinion, has not taken the time to learn from their past experiences. My hope is for you to realize that in order to make the necessary adjustments to improve on your journey; you will need to leverage one or more self-developme[...]

Embrace Your Fear

I want you to take a moment and reflect on something you are fearful of or something you are fearful to do. Ask yourself, how has this fear paralyzed me or my decisions? Now tell yourself, I will no longer allow this fear to dictate my actions. I will face it, move past it and live through it. Truth is, each of us will experience a form of fear. This fear will either motivate us to cultivate the life God called us to have or it will limit our wins by keeping us fearful and stagnant. How we respond to / live w[...]

Check In With Your Partner

When was the last time you checked in with your partner? I am not speaking of the call or text you send when they are not in your presence. Or the daily conversations you both generally have. I am referring to the uninterrupted, one on one check in you have that serves as a status update for where you stand in your relationship. Surprisingly, many couples do not have a reoccurring time set aside for a check in with one another. Donald and I began checking in once a month post birth of our son Hunter. Ou[...]

There Is No Right Way To Step Parent

Being a step parent comes with a range of challenges that I cannot put into words all the time. If I sit in my own truth, I never wanted to be a step parent; it’s no secret. I have read many articles and publications on this topic; most have negative opinions, biases and theories on the do’s and don’ts of step parenting. Society seems to be solely focused on the relationship between a child and their birth parent versus the ability to build and cultivate the relationship between a child and their step p[...]